Why UniGo?

Unlike the existing car-sharing services in Vancouver, UniGo is not exclusive to any one city, and drivers can complete their trip at any available location they want!

UniGo also uses the SOLO, a single-seater electric car that is more affordable, produces no emissions, and reduces road space!

If there aren’t any cars at a station, students can request for someone else to bring a car to that station by a certain time.

Giving Students Better Drive!

UniGo is a Vancouver-based car-sharing service for university and college students. With the electric SOLO car, get to your destination faster while saving money, time, and energy!

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The Car



A single-seater electric car designed specifically for travel in the city. Small, affordable, and environment-friendly, it is the perfect vehicle for students to
get around!

The Car

Let's Get Started

The app opens up with a set of simple instructions. This walks students through what each icon means, and how the app works.

These instructions can always be accessed again at any time
in the app.



GPS Sensor

The app uses GPS to show where all the charging stations are at, and which ones are closest to you! This information is shown and updated in real-time.

In the app, the map will display all the charging stations. Stations with cars are marked with a blue icon, and those without available cars show a red icon.


Booking A Car

The app shows the entire map of Vancouver. From here, students can do a variety of things, including book a car, check past or upcoming trips, and adjust their profile settings.

At stations with cars available, students can book and reserve a car to use. Reservations can be made up to 30 minutes in advance.

Some stations have more than one vehicle to choose from, so students can specify the car they want.


Requesting A Car

If there aren’t any cars at a station, students can request for someone else to bring a car to that station by a certain time. Requests can be made up to 6 hours in advance.

Once someone has accepted a request, the sender will receive a notification, and again when the car arrives so they can book it.


Where Are

You Going?

Once a car has been selected to use, students can select where they will be ending their trip. Here, they can see all the active requests as green icons, and choose to respond to one. If they do, a discount will be applied to their entire trip.

After that, the process is straightforward and easy. The app walks the student clearly through the rest of the steps page-by-page, and ensures that they will not get lost.

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